Euston Park Country Fair – April 2017

Well what a lovely day we had today. Thanks to Jonathan for suggesting Game and Country Fair at Euston Park, although getting in was a bit of a nightmare.

Ali and Dave were not with us this time as Ali is about to undergo knee surgery, we all send her our best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them both soon.

Ivan and Janet,Wendy and Steve were also unable to attend as was Den and Chris who had a prior engagements.


We all met today at the Dog and Duck beer tent, most of us were on time for the noon meet, but John, our 2 new members Nick and Sharon,who travelled with us and myself were 20 mins late. It took us 1 hour 10 mins to get to the venue from the A134 at Barnham! At least that was our excuse!

We introduced Barrie & Joy, Tom & Sharon, Sheila and Jonathan to our new members Nick and Sharon. After a short break for refreshment we split up to take in the various demonstrations, and the shopping, with the intention of meeting back at the dog and duck at 3pm.

The shopping got the better of me and John, and we were yet again late for the 3pm rendezvous. Jonathan had left us a little after 1pm as he had seen everything earlier, Tom and Sharon gave up on us (I don’t blame them we were useless at timekeeping) when we failed to materialise by 3.15 sorry guys we will try to behave better in the future but the SHOPPING got the better of me.

Shiela generously offered afternoon tea so 6 of us reconvened at Drinkstone, for a lovely time with tea and cake. Thank you Shiela for rounding off our day at your lovely home.










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