Henstead Exotic Gardens – April 2018

Seven brave members managed to get to our meeting on this cold, wet and windy day, but it proved to be a very interesting time.  Lunch was rather a mixed event and I don’t suppose we will rush back to the 5 Bells in a hurry!

Thanks to Janet and Ivan for arranging our visit to Henstead Exotic Garden.  It was great to see what Andrew Brogan, the owner and creator of the garden, had achieved over the years (14 in all).  He was so knowledgeable about all the various exotic and special tree ferns and bamboo that were growing amongst waterfalls and ponds throughout the garden.  It was such a shame that it was such a cold windy day, but after our tour of the gardens Andrew supplied tea and cake which was very welcome!  Both Sheila and Chris will be busy with their new purchases and we look forward to seeing them in situ at some time in the future.

Once again very many thanks Janet and Ivan for arranging this most unusual day.

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