Lymm Historic Transport Day – June 2018

We were looking forward to terrific show at Lymm Historic Transport Day, as we have been having exceptionally hot and sunny weather over recent days, and we were not disappointed – it was a glorious day!
This is our 5th year attending this show as it is such a popular occasion, with a huge variety of transport displays going on, not only on the May Queen Field where we were but in the whole village and on the canal with dozens of historic working boats with a chance to take a trip if you wished to.  Lightning McQueen on his Stunt Bike attracted great crowds for both of his displays and the Spitfire flying overhead was great to see.  Live Rockabilly music and dancing made the day lively too.

We had a spectacular 14 car display and we appreciated having plenty of space to organise the cars as we now that this is an extremely busy event with lots of public coming to chat and admire the different models and for our efforts we were very pleased to be awarded Best Club Stand Display.

We also attracted a new member Paul Eriksson, who was really pleased to see us there and with all the information he received from us he joined there and then!


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