North West Region meet – March 2018

Since we last held our Sunday Lunch at the Barn Owl a couple of years ago, they have built a bright terrace extension onto the building, just perfect for us as it accommodates approximately 30 diners in a bright private area.


There we had the choice of a wide and varied menu and everyone found just what they wanted for lunch.  The staff were excellent and looked after us very well and the food was excellent too with good sized portions.

Janet and Rob, Ian and Viv arrived first and with Dave and Shirley and Catherine and myself, David and Linda for the 12.00pm opening, followed by Moe and Les, Brian and Sheila, Jean and Richard, Ann and Mike, Bob and Glenys and Danos.

We were thankful that the snow had cleared from most of the region, as we had envisaged having to postpone the meeting, but as we chatted to each other we realised that not everyone had experienced the heavy snowfall as we had on higher ground ….. snow, what snow?

Next month we are meeting at the Riverside in Acton Bridge.


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